Anchors Away!

First things first, in order to setup a slackline, one must find suitable anchors. My wife and I both want to learn to slackline, and learning in a park (or other public space) wasn’t really her idea of a good time. So, we looked to our backyard. Turns out we have two mature pine trees sitting about 25′ apart. What luck!. We cleared some debris (mostly pine needles and cones) and set down a carpet to protect our feet.


I won’t go into the specifics of setting up the line, there’s plenty of places on the web to get that info. (I am biased toward the NWSlackline site, but there are others.) Check a few of them out before you begin. As for the space we’ve chosen, its pretty obvious that we’ll trash our feet if we start landing in the needles and cones outside the carpet square (see picture above). I suspect we will be moving on to greener pastures (so to speak) once we get the hang of things and start moving along the line (walking).

One change I made, to reduce tri-loading, is to add a carabiner and a rap ring to each anchor. Here’s a picture:



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