Shake A Leg!

Today’s entry includes a video link below.

Having gained an interest by reading blogs and other sites, I felt I was quite prepared (mentally) to begin. One thing I tried to prepare for was the fact that, no matter what, no matter who you are, no matter how much you try to get ready, YOUR LEG WILL SHAKE UNCONTROLLABLY when you first push down on the slackline! We spent about 5 or 10 minutes today and yesterday helping each other up, onto the line – and standing by as a crutch for the person on the line. They are not kidding when they say that your leg will shake! It is hard to believe this is even possible!

On my way to buy the slackline the other day, I had run into a couple guys in the local park who were taking this video for Gibbon, a popular slackline maker. The main guy there, Josh I think, told me to set the height of the line at about my knee when starting out. Great advice! For, although the line shakes, a lower height makes it easier to mount the line. But I must say, it is amazing how much the line shakes. I’m glad I read blogs and watched videos of people actually doing slackline, including this one for beginners. Otherwise I can see where I might be discouraged, and lose confidence that I would ever master this. Fortunately, I am a see-it-and-do-it kind of guy. The line has become a challenge that I must master. Most sites say the best method is to spend time on the line, and while it seems impossible to do right now I know that it will come.

One tricky part about setting the line at knee height is getting enough tension to keep the line from sagging to the ground when a person steps on it. I can see I am probably going to need a way to put more tension in the line. Thinking about that now…


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