Mother’s Day

Yesterday was a rest day – my feet needed a break from the line, but this past weekend was Mother’s Day in the USA, my wife and I had the family over for a celebratory BBQ. I figured I would set up the slackline and show my siblings what it was all about. At first I thought I would set it up, then tear it down before the meal, but it turned out the line stayed up all day! After showing them how to get up, and use another person as a crutch, they took over and spent as much time on the line as possible. They loved it, and it was great for me to see other people gain similar enthusiasm for Slackline. Everyone laughed and joked as people tried their hand (or foot) at standing on the line. Fun was had by all, and most of them saw it as a challenge and wanted badly to be able to stand.

As I was practicing today, two days later, I noticed that my legs have begun to compensate for side-to-side movement of the line. Whereas on the first two or three days the line would oscillate left-to-right, eventually throwing me off, today it was clear that my legs were correcting the left-to-right movement, making it easier to remain on the line. I still fell off, but not as quickly. This is an important milestone, and definitely a sign that things are improving (and rather quickly, I might add). After only 30 to 45 mins of practice (at 15 mins per day) I can already see signs of progress. Granted, I am still only able to stand on the line for 1 second or so, but this is a big improvement over the first couple days when I might last zero to one-half second on the line!


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