One Week On

It has been one week since we first stepped on the slackline! We took a rest day in there, and tomorrow will be our second rest day. We are learning to do this sport with bare feet and it takes a while for the bottoms of the feet to get used to the line. Our total time on the line is perhaps one hour, about 10 or 15 minutes per day. As for progress, we are to the point of standing on the line for 10 seconds or so! A helpful piece of advice is to keep the hands above the shoulders. One lady said ‘…once your hand goes below your shoulder – you are going to fall off the line.’ She is right! At this stage, it is very difficult to recover from a hand going down to your waist. We keep practicing, and I’m hoping to be able to take a step this weekend. Fingers (and toes) Crossed!

In other news, we’ve relocated the line over a grassy area in the backyard (our feet thanked us!), and I have modified the setup to include a poor-man’s pulley for increasing the tension in the line. This meant adding two more carabiners (for a total of eight), but I feel it is worth the extra money. Here is another method of adding this ability.

My solution is shown below (Click image for larger version).

MyPulleySystemEarlier, I added one carabiner and a rap ring to each of the anchor slings. I was a bit worried about tri-loading the anchor carabiners. Paranoia may drive that decision, but our trees are quite large (> 12″ diameter) and the anchors were definitely pulling on the ‘biners non-axially.

So, we are up to 8 carabiners and four rap rings total in the system. This is four more ‘biners and two more rap rings than in a basic primitive system, but on the plus side I sleep better and have more cool gear to play with! And, although it looks complicated, I can leave most of it connected, making the next set-up quick and easy.

The “pulley ‘biner” at the tree is partially tri-loaded, but only during the tensioning process. Which means this carabiner is not tri-loaded when a person stands, walks, or bounces, on the line. I’m OK with that.


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