Baby Steps

Today’s entry includes a video below.

The purpose of this post is to document the progress anyone can make in just one week (ok, 9 days). In my searches on the ‘net, I couldn’t find much description about how long it takes to learn, nor how much time people had spent before they posted a video. I hope this post encourages people to give Slacklining a try. There is no magic to it, and anyone can learn to do it. Like riding a bike!

Today was a rest day. We spent a lot of time on the line this past Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking my first step on a Slackline. It wasn’t pretty, but I counted it. Below is a short (1 min) video of this milestone!

On Sunday, things got even better. My wife and I set up the Slackline around noon, and spent the day taking turns on the line. We probably spent an hour or more each on the line. Our feet were plenty sore but, by the end of the afternoon, I was able to take four steps! My wife is gaining skills nealry as fast. She practiced standing on the line in the middle (which is much harder than going closer to the fixed end of the line). She’ll be walking by tomorrow I am sure!

If you are considering trying this sport, check out your local parks and/or a nearby college. There are lots of folks doing it, and most Slackers are willing to let you have a go. They are friendly folks! Maybe someday you’ll see me in a park…

Here is the video:


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