In addition to trying to learn to turn around on the line, my wife suggested that I learn to walk backwards. This is a great idea! Now I can take my time learning to turn around because, when I get to the end of the line, I can go back the other way without turning around.

Today we set up the slackline in the late afternoon. We both practiced for about one hour – taking turns on the line. At first, I was walking forward and trying to turn around, but then I started trying to walk backwards. The most I made it was four steps backwards. This is another wonderful thing to practice on the line. So far, there just doesn’t seem to be a limit to how much fun you can have on one of these lines!

My wife had taken the past two day off from slacklining, on account of a 10K she ran on Monday. Returning to the slackline today, she was disappointed that she could not remake her four step milestone from last weekend. We both had trouble getting used to the line this time, and we’re hoping that we soon get back to the skill level we had previously reached.

Next up, learning to walk backwards, and the second part of the anchor series. Rain in the forecast, so it may be a day or two. we shall see…


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