Kicking Off the Season Right!

Although we’ve had a ton of rain (that we need) these past few weeks, the sun came out today, YAY!!  I thought it appropriate to get out ‘Le Petit Dragon Vert’ and start the season off right. Set the Dragon to 115 feet (35m) and had an hour or so of practice. The video for today shows one of my early attempts to walk. Later in the day I was able to get about half way across, but it is clear that I need way more practice on this type and length of line.

Bring on the Summer!!


First Taste of a Long Line

Today we had the chance to try out a long line. We help set it up, and the owners offered to let us have a go. This line was in the neighborhood of 150-175 feet in length! The longest I had done previously was 50 feet. Needless to say, I could barely stand at one end of the line, and although I took one or two steps, it was as though I was a true beginner! I had two spotters, and used them both! It is a wild feeling standing there watching a pulse-wave go down the line, bounce off the other end, and come back at you. You see it coming, but there’s not much you can do about it! This is a total blast!


Slackline Park

Today’s post includes a video below.

We found a Slackline park near our house (15 min drive away). This is a small bit of grassy park that has posts set up specifically for Slacklining. Below you see some of the posts. There are three groups of posts setup for 20′, 50′, and 80′ Slacklines.


I showed up today around 1p, and setup my rig between one of the 20′ posts and one of the 50′ posts. I chose these two because I wanted to try a longer distance than the 20’ers, but the ground between the 50’ers was not so good. Using two odd posts this way gave me something in the neighborhood of 35 to 40 feet of walkable Slackline.


It was a bit tricky getting things tightened, but I managed to at least get things tight enough to walk. The line was too high for me to jump-start, but I was able to get up fairly easily by sitting on the line and doing a regular start. There was decent amount of wind, which made the line oscillate at a high frequency, but it was an easy adjustment. The wind also made it difficult to walk because it tended to blow me around. There are no trees to block the wind (or to provide shade). It was fun though! I noticed one of my chain links was acting strange and sitting cock-eyed on the webbing, so I removed the two chain links and went back to the Rap Rings.

Had fun for about an hour, and made the video below; which I sped up to last 30 secs. Kinda fun! Sorry there is no music, PhotoBucket thinks I’m trying to use copyrighted material, ugh!

If you are interested, this park is located here.