Mid-Winter Slackline in Colorado

What can I say? I just can’t get enough slackline when the weather is great! The past couple weeks we’ve been experiencing some very mild temperatures and overall weather. Brought out the gear and spent some fine time on the line!



Kicking Off the Season Right!

Although we’ve had a ton of rain (that we need) these past few weeks, the sun came out today, YAY!!  I thought it appropriate to get out ‘Le Petit Dragon Vert’ and start the season off right. Set the Dragon to 115 feet (35m) and had an hour or so of practice. The video for today shows one of my early attempts to walk. Later in the day I was able to get about half way across, but it is clear that I need way more practice on this type and length of line.

Bring on the Summer!!

Chongo Mount

This past weekend, the kids over at Colorado School of Mines held a slackline festival. There were tons of slacklines set up, and people of all ages and skill levels participating in the fun! We were near this particular 150′ line, so I decided to practice my chongo mount. The video below shows one of my attempts. Although I did not walk far, I was mostly trying to mount the dang thing! Later in the day, I was able to walk 10 steps (at the opposite end of the line).

Catch Up

We were gone for a week, vacationing in Moab, UT. Didn’t get a chance to do any slackline while there, and since it had rained two days before we left for Moab, we hadn’t had a chance to slackline for one whole week. Back home, we set up the line and gave it a go. Good News! We got on the line and started walking right away! That is to say, we didn’t seem to lose much (if any) skill level. I was very impresses when my wife jumped up and walked 3 or 4 steps immediately! It was as if she hadn’t skipped a day of practice.

The one month mark (since our first steps on the line) passed us by last week. I hope that if anybody ever reads this, they realize that a person can make quite a bit of progress learning to slackline.

Progress Update

Slacked a bit on Thursday, but none yesterday (Friday) on account of high winds here all day. So, yesterday was a rest day. Set up today about 1p, and slacked for about an hour, taking turns with my wife. She was able to walk about 8 steps on the line today, so she is stoked! It really is fun seeing real progress every time we try it. I am now walking 8 or 10 steps backward, and I can move along the line at a better pace (no more stopping to catch my balance between every darn step!). Will set up tomorrow after lunch (and bowling).

Three weeks and we are moving right along!

Another Day on the Line

Set up the line around 5p today. Spent about an hour or so, maybe less. After 10 or 15 mins of warm-up, I was able to take 6 or 7 steps backwards. Later in the session I went back to practicing turn-arounds. I was able to turn around twice in a row without falling off the line so while there is a small amount of progress it would seem that we may have hit a bit of a slow-down in our advancements. My wife was able to get up to 3 steps forward, but not quite to the 4 she made last weekend. Slacklining is still a work-out, and still a lot of fun! The drive of championing the line keeps us going strong!!

We will keep at it, trying not to take many days off this coming week/week-end.

Keep on pushing!